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2019-08-18 22:32 Jul 31, 2014 Avabel Online RPG: Avabel Online Debuster Advance Class for Rouge Avabel is the best looking MMORG game for mobile devices. Playing using your mobile phone is very handy but finding decent 3D

Here is a basic list of the Requirements for Advanced Classes WARRIOR Fire Bringer avabel rogue best advanced class Japanese media calls the game the best smartphone MMO and the peak of online mobile phone game . Best starting class for solo player? (self. Avabel) Rogue felt way too weak for solo play. Is creater the only decent solo class? With the ability to balance survival and dps. Save money on supplies. Even has it's own (albeit weak) DoT

Use 1h sword until you reach Lvl 50 to change into Advanced Class. From Lvl 50 and on, switch to dagger to access all skills for the Advanced Classes, especially with Assassin Dual Daggers is a must. avabel rogue best advanced class

A class that allows user to use more skills than the warrior class and some abilities that is only for this class Weapons: Rogues are able to use One Hand Swords and Daggers. The Rogue relies on two stats mostly: Strength and Dexterity. A melee class who is able to use a few ranged skills, it is often the best Mar 17, 2016 Song 7 years old. Category People& Blogs; Suggested by WMG Lukas Graham Love Someone [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Mar 06, 2016 To find out more about Avabel Online, click here. Armour with high DEF and MDEF and accessories that give DEX andor STR are best for Rogues. Advanced Classes Avabel Online: Rogue Class Beginner's Guide February (1) avabel rogue best advanced class Jan 30, 2019 Discussion on the classes in Avabel. Log in or Sign up. Home; Forums. Forums. Quick Links. Search Forums; Recent Posts; Shoutbox. Shoutbox. Avabel Class Discussions. Discussion on the classes in Avabel. 41 Discussions 3, 305 New Summoner Advanced Class Announced: Light Lord! imagelesskink, May 28, 2018. Replies: 3 Views: 4.

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